patterns, wool, and other needfuls for rug hooking
20 Glendale Circle Ware, MA. 01082  (413)967-4970
email:  woolenmemories1@verizon.net
If you have hooked one of my designs, please email  a picture of
your finished piece to me and I will post it on the Gallery Page.
Check this page occasionally to see who has had a rug posted.
Hi everybody.  Such a busy time of year for all of us. Thanksgiving over and
Christmas coming fast.  My shopping is done but I have alot of wrapping to do.
December is a big birthday month in our family,  making the month so much more
hectic. Trying to get some hooking done as  a Christmas gift and have to hook on
the sly. Did I say December is stressful???????
Well Happy SHopping to all. Try to enjoy some down time. Hook a little. I find my
hooking time relaxes me and I think of nothing else while  my hook keeps busy.
If you need a gift certificate we have them for any amount you would like.
New hooks are available on the needfuls page and a new item is tee shirts that
say RUG HOOKER. You can see those on the needfuls page also. The sizes are
medium and large.
Check the Needfuls page also for Miniature hooks made into lapel pins by Les
Ritchie of England. They are made like the rug hooks that are also listed on that
As always we have no set open hours. Please call ahead to make sure the shop
is open. I am usually open most weekdays except for Friday but please check if
you are planning on coming.  Any questions you can call me at (413)967-4970 or
email me at woolenmemories1@verizon.net.

. Sandy
rug hooking class is scheduled for
DECEMBER 9,          9:30-12:00
.SNOWMAN FAMILY 20x28      38.00+sh
 7x36        30,00+sh
      15X30   38.+SH
 HAND WARMERS       14X23
  JUG WITH HOLLY    14x26   30.+sh