patterns, wool, and other needfuls for rug hooking
20 Glendale Circle Ware, MA. 01082  (413)967-4970
email:  woolenmemories1@verizon.net
If you have hooked one of my designs, please email  a picture of
your finished piece to me and I will post it on the Gallery Page.
Check this page occasionally to see who has had a rug posted.
Hi everybody. Well as usual I am slow in updating here. Since my last update I
need to say there has been much  thought about  my retirement decision. Alot of
input from friends and family   One big thing that really was a factor in my retiring
was that I want my house back to normal. Having my shop in part of my house for
many years, I really wanted my home back. There is something to do with rug
hooking in every room in my house. Wool stacked up, patterns printed and in the
process of being printed , shipping boxes, etc. Well things are going to change.
As of today my retirement is on hold. We are putting a building up on our property
and it will become my shop. Thanks to my agreeable husband it is moving
forward. Lots to do before it opens. Hopefully by October. I will keep posting as to
the progression. So right now Woolen Memories is staying in business.  Thank
you to all who helped me make this decision with their positive words and
Another thing I want to say is because I will not be doing the Salem Cross hookin
this year, after 17 years doing this hookin, Lucille Festa of American Country
Rugs will be doing it. Check Lucilles website American Country Rugs.com for a
registration form.  I am hoping to be there as a vendor so hope to see you all as
ususal in October.
I also would like to say that my website does not show all the patterns I have
available in the shop. I have several that I print that are new and I do not have a
colored picture of and several that are one of a kind that you can fine available in
the shop.
As always we have no set open hours. Please call ahead to make sure the shop
is open. I am usually open most weekdays except for Friday but please check if
you are planning on coming.
. Sandy
rug hooking class is  not scheduled now
until Fall. Enjoy your summer.
26X29  (linen)   38.+sh
In the section where I have words, the
pattern you order is blank. You can put
in whatever you like. Date etc.