The shop is located on 20 Glendale Circle in Ware, MA.
    Ware is a small old mill town and years ago the mills in Ware  made wool fabric and  employed
    many of its town residents. Today the mills house several small businesses. Those woolen mills
    and the Ware Shoe factory are long gone.  
Ware is located in western MA. about  20 minutes west of  Sturbridge and on Route 9.  You can also
travel from the Palmer Exit 8 on the MA. Turnpike. Follow Route 32 North to Ware about 10 miles.
    The shop is  one room in my home. I do not have regular hours  because I have Grammie duties
    on most days.  If you are coming please call to make sure I will be  in the shop when you come.  
    The phone number is 1(413)9674970.